Marketing 'It': From Viral Outdoor to Virtual Reality & Beyond (Podcast)

Marketing it the movie
"It" is a hit. 

But why? In a podcast recorded during the movie's big opening weekend, Rick Mathieson and Rick Wootten talk about marketing campaign behind "It," which includes an ambitious VR experience, guerrilla marketing and more.

But was any of it even necessary? Or was this a movie that was just destined to make a killing? 



(Approx. 8 min)

For More on the Ricksters:

Rick Mathieson

Rick Wootten


Animated Short 'Extinguished' Sure to Light Up Your Heart (Video)

It's hard not to love this 3-minute, CGI-animated short from college students Jacob Mann and Ashley Anderson.

“Once we had the idea that you could represent love as a flame, we decided to do a romantic love story,” Anderson tells the Daily Dot. “We wanted to make it everyday and relatable, but also sort of magical and fantastic.”

Done and done.

Read more, here. —Rick Mathieson

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Robot Colonel Sanders Isn't The Only New KFC Freakiness (Video)

From the WTF Dept: There's a National Fried Chicken Day.

From the WTF Dept: There's a al Fried Chicken Day.

Oh, and this Funny or Die video captures what happens when a robot Harland ("Human Assisted Animatronic Linguistic Networked Device") Sanders takes orders at the drive-thru to celebrate.

Still, as strange as it may seem, this isn't even KFC's oddest promotion.

Yesterday it was reported KFC has a new Colonel Sanders smartphone (insert your own "finger clicking good" joke here).

And let's not forget the Colonel Sanders superhero comics from DC.

As if we could ever unsee them.

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'Fearless Girl' Refuses to Put Up with Bull, Wins Big at Cannes (Video)

We're still loving "Fearless Girl"—the diminutive statue created by State Street Investors as part of a special fund for women leaders in honor of International Women's Day. It's great to see she won so many accolades at Cannes this year. Congrats to everyone behind #Fearlessgirl.



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'We're the Superhumans' Wins Film Grand Prix (Video)

This short film for last year's Paralympics is phenomenal (wait 'til you see the long jump at the end). Amazing stuff from all - onscreen and off - and one kick-ass Film Grand Prix winner.


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Heineken 'Worlds Apart' Pulls Off What Pepsi Couldn't (Video)

... Mostly by not trivializing issues and by bringing people who are world's apart a little closer. 

Oh, and by being true to the role Heineken actually plays in the world—as an ice breaker.

Pretty powerful stuff, actually.

Read more here.

Enter: 'The Micro Mac'—April Fools from McDonalds, AirBNB & Google Play

You gotta love these April Fools Day pranks from Mickey D's and others (scroll down for more). For more on these and other brand goofing for April 1, 2017, check out Adweek's roundup here and The Verge's recap (including Snapchat's brilliant Instagram filter), here.

Oh, and don't miss our favorite: The Augmented Reality Monocle for hipsters.

What did your brand do this year? What are your plans for 2018? Let us know!

Airbnb: 'Humanless Host'

'Google Play for Pets'

'The Call' - Send Personalized Videos About The Dangers of Driving High (Video)

This is an excellent new personalized video campaign from Drug Free Kids Canada.

Parents can send personalized videos warning against driving while high to their kids. Just as the onscreen character is receiving text messages from their parents wondering where they are, kids receive similar texts from their parents.

It's a great conversation starter, and it joins a long list of brands using it for highly personalized video messages (see The On-Demand Brand for more). But here, it's put into service for a very good cause. Kudos to all involved.

Read more about "The Call That Comes After," here.


'Rings' Video Scares the Living Daylights Out of Shoppers (Video)

Still loving this adverprank promoting 'The Ring' sequel. Fans of the franchise are very familiar with its "First you watch it, then you die" conceit—though this would freak even those without the backstory.  Sure, it's no "Devil's Due" or 'Telekinetic Coffee Shop," but it gets the neck hair bristling just fine.