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Coca Cola Ups Its Mobile Marketing Moves, And Some Mobile-Worthy Coke Slogans From The Past

At least that's the word from CMO Joe Tripodi, who says the company is racing to develop compelling content for "different digital endpoints," adding that mobile is working well around the world in reaching teens and young adults.

In my new book, THE ON-DEMAND BRAND, I look at how Coca-Cola Europe, for instance, is using mobile to create compelling experiences - including some really cool mobile reality experiences - in the UK.

In many places around the world, of course, if you're talking digital at all, you're talking about mobile - especially for the teen market.

Coca-Cola wants to make sure the Real Thing stays relevant.

Indeed, a powerhouse brand the world over, Coca-Cola has been an advertising legend since its humble beginnings in 1886.

But while some of its famed slogans have been more popular than others – say, the aforementioned "The Real Thing" and "Have A Coke & A Smile" – others have been, well, quirky.

Witness such notable examples as:

"The wonderful nerve and brain tonic and remarkable therapeutic agent" (1891)

"Coca-Cola makes flow of thought more easy and reasoning power more vigorous" (1899)

And that age-old classic:

"Coca-Cola – the great temperance beverage – it has none of the ill effects or 'let down' qualities of alcoholic stimulants" (1907)

But some of Coca-Cola's more stylish slogans suddenly appear downright prescient.

As Coca-Cola steps up its efforts in mobile marketing, I thought it'd be fun to take a quick look back at some slogans that hold new currency in the Wireless Age:

"A star drink, Morning, Evening, Night. At home or Abroad, Traveling or Resting. Working or Recreating" (1904)

"Wherever you go, north, east, south, or west, you will find Coca-Cola" (1911)

"All roads lead to Coca-Cola signs" (1925)

"Around the corner from anywhere" (1927)

"Drink Coca-Cola, anywhere, anytime" (1933) (no kidding...74 years ahead of its time)

"Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you may be, when you think of refreshment think of ice-cold Coca-Cola" (1939)

"Wherever thirst goes" (1942)

"Coca-Cola along the highway to anywhere" (1949)

"Coke follows thirst everywhere" (1952)

Refreshing - anytime, anywhere (1953)

"People on the go go for Coke" (1954)


Read more about Tripodi's comments on Coca-Cola's new mobile marketing push, here.














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