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 If blogs are feeling a little 2005 these days, there's at least one touchstone of the genre that just won't die.

Business Week's famous "Blogging Will Change Your Business" article from '05 gets trotted out and updated every couple of years, this time with a look at how social media will shape your business moving forward.

Sure, blogging's still in the picture, 9 million blogs strong, and with 40,000 new ones popping up ever day. But it turns out only about 27% of Internet users now even bother to read blogs. It's not like readership of Twitter posts are any better, but at least they're short and to the point, right? 

Still, BW is still bullish on blogs (in fact seems to overemphasize it, given the breath inherent in the title of the latest update, "Social Media Will Change Your Business), and even writes this prediction:

Mainstream media companies will master blogs as an advertising tool and take over vast commercial stretches of the blogosphere. Over the next five years, this could well divide winners and losers in media. And in the process, mainstream media will start to look more and more like—you guessed it—blogs. Clay Shirky, a Web expert at New York University, calls it "an absorption process where the thing doing the absorbing changes."

Perhaps. My own prediction (or is it just a hope?) is that we'll someday get over this all as anything other than natural evolution and realize there is no "old media" or "new media." There's just media. And it's changing every day.

Read the BW piece here.





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