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'Inception' A Digital Marketing Dream

Chris Nolan's new movie Inception opens with sneak previews at midnight tonight (yes!) and wide release on Friday - but the digital marketing efforts have gone on for some time - and should get fanboys excited.

There's a must-read online comic book called "The Cobol Job" that tells the prologue to the story. A Facebook "Mind Crime" game. A personalizable movie poster app. A Verizon-based "Mind Crime Prevention" augmented reality app that, in the vernacular of the film, becomes a totem that enables you to tell when something is real life or a dream. A "green screen" app that places you into scenes from the movie via webcam or mobile phone - and more. All available through the official movie site, here.

Apparently this movie is taking the Trendrr charts by storm, which could bode very well for opening weekend.

And hey, it's a Chris Nolan film, which means it's not to be missed.



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I loved Inception but didn't realize how much digital marketing was used to promote it. I think the online comic book and the Facebook game were really smart: they offer entertainment appropriate for two different audiences that implies the movie will be exciting. The apps are nice ideas, but they seem to be on the app bandwagon... they sound like the type of app I would download, play with for a few minutes, and then forget about long before the movie came out. I'd love to know some ROI calculations for each initiative.

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