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Sxsw panel picker 2011 Back from a week long family vacation and looking forward to an increasingly full Fall schedule. In fact, Spring 2011 might be busy, too.

To that end, please be sure to vote for my proposed SXSW panel in this year's SXSW Panel Picker:

Cause Meets Commerce: The Mobile Connection

It's the most measurable, personal, and direct link to consumers ever created - and it's having a seismic impact on the worlds of both commerce and cause. This panel, moderated by Rick Mathieson, best-selling author of THE ON-DEMAND BRAND: 10 Rules for Digital Marketing Success in An Anytime, Everywhere World, takes an inside look at mobile's role in supercharging the ability to combine these two mindsets and do well by doing good. Not through snooze-inducing mobile advertising or SMS campaigns - but rather as the ultimate response mechanism in fully integrated marketing communications efforts that build brands while making the world a much better place.

Case examples will include MTV's Rock The Vote's use of mobile to increase the youth vote. Sephora's mobile strategies for Project (Red), and the UN's groundbreaking UN Voices campaign to give a voice to the voiceless. Cause and commerce are no longer exclusive. Here's how to do it right, through the most powerful consumer channel ever created.

Questions Answered

  1. How did MTV use mobile to enhance the get-out-the-vote effort for Rock The Vote in 2008, and what's ahead for 2012?
  2. Why was the UN voices campaign so successful experientially, emotionally and effectively that it will now be rolled out worldwide?
  3. What kind of results is Sephora seeing by leveraging the power of mobile to move products in-store - including Project (Red)
  4. How will augmented reality, social connectivity and geo-location play into future efforts to combine cause and commerce?
  5. How will fuller, more meaningful integration with television, radio, direct mail and outdoor boost the effectiveness of the cause/commerce connection?

Potential panelists include:

• Jeff Arbour, Senior Vice President, North America, The Hyperfactory 

• Julie Bornstein, Senior Vice President, Sephora Direct

• Dorrian Porter, CEO, Mozes, Inc.

• Tom Nicholson, CEO, Nicholson NY

All of whom, by the way, I interview at length in my new book.

Click here for more on that.

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OD_cover "... EXCELLENT ..."

“Through persuasive arguments and Q&A's with the major players in advertising, Mathieson makes an excellent case for greater creativity and outside-the-box thinking backed up with solid ideas."

Publisher's Weekly




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