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It's like Facebook for the real world.

DOMO, set to officially launch during SXSW, is a new mobile app that enables you to share your interests with those physically around you and connect with them. Which means sex addicts and stalkers are going to love this just as much as singles do.

As it happens, I've been consulting with a client developing services like this for brands. As I write in my new book, THE ON-DEMAND BRAND, we've moved beyond the stage where brands should view social media as a cool new way for consumers to connect with the brands they know and trust. Now, we must view social media as way for brands to enable consumers to connect with one another, ideally in the physical world.

With branded apps available at special events - like concerts or conferences - being able to connect with others who share your interests can be a lot of fun, as long as everyone has control over their privacy settings, and actively manages what's being shared with whom.

This is the first stand alone mobile app that I've seen where it's an ongoing social network for active people on the go. The opportunities for brands could be exciting - helping people meet up in specific places, or just around their favorite things.

Time will tell if it catches on. For some, it'll just be scary. For the more intrepid among us, it could be a powerful social lubricant.

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