eMarketer Analyst Noah Elkin Interviews Rick Mathieson on QR Codes (Pt 2): Supercharging Traditional & Retail
eMarketer Analyst Noah Elkin Interviews Rick Mathieson (Concl): QR Codes in Advertising

eMarketer Analyst Noah Elkin Interviews Rick Mathieson (Pt 3): QR Codes in Retail

Noah Elkin Word's out today that the QR code is dead, thanks to Google moving away from the tech in favor of Near Field Communications (NFC).

Add that to Apple's decision to focus on NFC for iPhone 5, and it's easy to buy into the notion that the QR Code revolution may be over before it really ever gets started.

Except that may not be the case.

This last week, eMarketer Principal Analyst Noah Elkin (pictured here) interviewed me as part of a report on QR Code Best Practices. In parts one and two, we talk about how QR Codes and/or NFC - or whatever these technologies evolve into - will have important implications for both advertising and in-store communications (if the technology can catch up to the concept).

In part three, we tackle retailing specifically, an arena that is very likely to be transformed by NFC. But do keep in mind that NFC requires a chip for the reader built into the handset to communicate with. Which means QR Codes - or something like them - could still play an amazing and powerful role in print, direct mail and television advertising. We'll touch more on that tomorrow. But today: A look at QR Codes (or NFC) in retail.

(Approx 5:31)

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Rick Mathieson & eMarketer analyst Noah Elkin Pt. 3

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