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Holy Hashtag, Batman.

"The Dark Knight Rises" is just getting into production and won't hit theaters until July 20, 2012. But the viral campaign is already here.

First up: An elaborate social media effort that has gone a little something like this:

• Official site launched with nothing but a black screen and a cryptic audio file.

• When deciphered (by using an audio production app, as shown in the YouTube video from Paul Hastings, above), the file points to a Twitter account called @TheFireRises.

• In turn, that site links to another site with an encrypted photo that prompts people to Tweet using the hashtag #TheFireRises - which had to be done in order for the full photo to be "decrypted." Once enough tweets were in, the image of Tom Hardy as the villian known as Bane was finally revealed.

What's extra cool (I actually think it might just be an effect): It appears to be made up of the profile images of those who tweeted to the hashtag. Check it out for yourself, here.

Still, for all its cleverness, some are wondering if a viral effort this early in the game might actually backfire.

But this seems to have been targeted to Bat Brains, Beeps or whatever you want to call serious Batman fanboys.

So while the movie won't get into mainstream consciousness until next spring/summer, this kind of thing goes a long way to keep the base buzzing. It may not fuel too much fandemonium, but it won't hurt, either.

What's your opinion - too much, too soon? Or tune in soon for more - same Bat Time, same Bat Channel?

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I agree too. It's not too early to work on how they are going to promote the movie. I wish once the movie is release, it will never disappoint people who wait so much for this.

no, never too early, they'll just have to think up more great stuff to roll out over the next year. 'Why So Serious' started pretty early too and they kept the punters amused.

Thank you sharing this with us and for your commentary at the end. It's never too early to start a viral marketing campaign for "bread and butter" money earners like this that can put a studio's financial books back into the black. Maybe this is how $1 billion dollar or even $2 billion movie successes are made.

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