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Heineken's 'Starvision' Adds A Mobile Mix to Clubgoing


Your beer buzz can now be beamed to a billboard for all to see.

Heineken has come up with a really fun way to enable clubgoers to capture camera phone images and text messages, and then share them with the DJ for the chance to become part of the live show.

What could possibly go wrong?

In truth, I think this kind of thing should be standard operating procedure at most live events. Imagine concertgoers becoming part of the onstage act with their favorite band.

This particular execution, from Minivegas Studio, is designed primarily for clubs events and festivals. But scale it up to stadium-size, and let the adventure begin.

Of course, at the club level, the appeal might taste great - without the hangover.

As long as images aren't cached, stored and shared on networks like Facebook, what happens while you're clubbing stays there.

That is, as long as you don't use the tweet feature.

Read more, here.


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