Heineken's 'Starvision' Adds A Mobile Mix to Clubgoing
'The Fades' Animated QR Code TV Commercial

Mobile Roundtable (Pt 4): Mobile Marketing's Role in Super Bowl 2012

Julie_fajgenbaum_photoWith all the advertising slots for Super Bowl 2012 already sold out, I asked our mobile marketing roundtable what role mobile marketing will play in this next year's Ad Bowl.

JulieAdam broitman Fajgenbaum, vice president of brand marketing and social media for American Express, joins Jeff Hasen, CMO of mobile marketing firm HipCricket, and Jeff HasenAdam Broitman, CEO of digital ad agency Circ.us, in discussing the use of mobile as a response mechanism for spots aired during the big game.

 Along the way, we hear about a largely overlooked role mobile plays regardless of its intentional integration with Super Bowl spots - and we try to get Julie to reveal AMEX's plans for game day.


Use Player or Click Here to Download GW_Mobile_Roundtable_Fall_2011_Pt4

(Approx: 4:51)

TOMORROW: With converging trends such as they are, doesn't AMEX stand to become one of the world's top social CRM platforms? We'll discuss the prospects - and what it could mean to mobile marketing.

PLUS: Don't miss the other installments from this exclusive roundtable:

In Part 1 of our Fall Mobile Marketing Roundtable, we talk to Julie Fajgenbaum, VP of Brand Marketing & Social Media for American Express about how AMEX is going social+mobile+commerce.

In Part 2, we talk to Adam Broitman, CEO of Circus about ways this equation will play out over the next five to 10 years (Let's just say the conversation includes NFC embedded in our skin) - and what it means to the world of advertising.

In Part 3, Jeff Hasen, CMO of Seattle-based HipCricket, illustrates the power of this dynamic in campaigns for Ford and Arby's.

You'll be impressed with the results generated - and you'll see how social+mobile+commerce can work seamlessly within fully integrated communications campaigns.

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