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Heineken Light: The Occasionally Perfect Billboard (Video)


Love this new outdoor campaign from Heineken Light. Truly brilliant. And while there's nothing inherently digital about this particular initiative - it's not like there couldn't be.

One could see Heineken setting up a hashtag, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook or some other connection for people to share their camera phone videos from the event. Or even participate by sending their camera phone images or even song requests or just shout-outs to the billboard behind the band.

AR old old-school video could project concertgoers to the billboard.

Or a video of the event could be compiled in real time, shown on the billboard and shared later online or in ad campaigns.

Better yet, part of the teaser billboard could be the opportunity to share the upcoming event with your social network for the chance to be on-stage when things go perfectly.

My point here is that The Occasionally Perfect Billboard is perfect as it is.

But it could also become the jumping off point for a whole lot more.

Perfectly played, Heineken.

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