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Why Build or Upgrade Your Mobile Site in HTML5?

Iloop logo(SPONSORED) As always, the iLoop Mobile team is at the forefront of new technologies and capabilities that create new business opportunities for our clients and partners. HTML5 is one of them.

5 Key Benefits

1: Improve Message Targeting and Conversion with Location Aware Content
This is the marketing holy grail of the "right message, to the right person, at the right place".
HTML5 allows you to know a customer's location before presenting content or offers, meaning you can target users with offers relevant to where they are when viewing a site page.

2: Increase Loyalty with User Account Integration
Mobile sites represent an opportunity for your company to connect with customers and prospect at any time, improving the customers' experience leading to increased loyalty through the mobile channel. For mobile sites offering account transactions, consumers can access the same information on their account as on the web or via an application facilitating sales.

3: Increase Customer Retention with Instant Content Access

With HTML5, customers can have instant access to the most recent content and information because the site refreshes automatically and stores content on the phone itself. Users can see the most recent information anytime, increasing traffic, time-on-site, and click-through on ad feeds.  

4: Improve Brand Engagement by Providing The Ultimate User Experience

HTML5 makes mobile web sites and mobile web apps look and behave like native downloaded apps. With HTML5 "Web Apps", users can drop icons on the phone desktop that look like native apps, with the same advanced interactive features and seamless multimedia access.

5: Reduce cost
HTML5 saves development/maintenance costs. With HTML5, you can develop a site across different browsers requiring one update for sites changes. Native apps require you to update all the different app versions (iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc.) separately.

See HTML5 in mobile sites: m.asos.com, app.ft.com, mobile.twitter.com, m.facebook.com.

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