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Interesting integration of iPad marketing and digital outdoor from Amnesty International Sweden to call for writ of habeas corpus for those held at Guantanamo Bay.

It is reminiscent of a similar iPad ad campaign from the organization for political prisoners.

I'm not sure the swipe action is quite right in this particular effort, however.

Here, swiping releases the prisoner, which is not the same as guaranteeing a fair trial. I don't think anyone would want people suspected of terrorism to just simply be set free.

I understand the initiative is primarily asserting that detainees should be tried or freed in accordance with international law. I just think that the swipe-to-set-free motion may undermine the sentiment for many who may otherwise agree with the argument for fair trials, but not with the idea of simply letting suspects go.

(And I'm not sure the more subtle call for those US officials responsible for any right violations to be held to account in the matter would win many enthusiasts in the US, either.)

Bottom line: This looks like an innovative campaign that may undermine its own effectiveness due to two elements that in many people's view may go too far in calling for a remedy to an important issue.

Read more about the effort, here.

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