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Unilever's Dove brand has a new entry in its ongoing "Campaign for Real Beauty" campaign - a new effort in Australia that lets women switch out Facebook ads that are downers - beauty ads that feature negative imagery - with uplifting ads that let women eschew beauty industry stereotypes.

In my book, THE ON-DEMAND BRAND, I take an in-depth look at this iconic campaign; interview Laura Klauberg, Unilever's then-SVP of Global Media about some of the astonishing results the campaign has been generating; and examine how the brand reconciles the fact that while Dove is working to help women foster healthy body images, its Axe deodorant and body wash brand, well, not so much.

Read more about the ad makeover initiative here.

And read more about THE ON-DEMAND BRAND here.

And you can hear excerpts from from my source interview with Laura Klauberg here:

Part 1: The Power of 'The Big Brand Idea'

Part 2: The 'Evolution' of Dove

Part 3: Fostering Brand Innovation

Part 4: Getting Personal with Social Media


Read more here.

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