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Why just ride your mountain bike when you can use it to make music, too?

After all, nothing rounds out a rollicking quest for a natural high like adding a pulsating dance mix to those placid hills and valleys. (In truth, this YouTube video isn't so much mountain bike as it is trick bike - and this is certainly a new trick that will thrill certain segments of the consumer republic.)

According to Creativity, Cogoo, a Japense bicycle sharing service, launched the system - called "Turntable Rider" - to enable bikers to set off and mix pre-recorded sounds by performing different actions on the bike.

There's a small fader box, a jog wheel stick, a handbreak soundpad and a mobile app for creating and sharing your creations.

According to the pub, the system makes its premiere at the Kaikoo Popwave Festival 2012. And it is certain to give enthusiasts a whole new kind of street cred.

So what's your take?

Would you brake for mixing dance tracks with your next nature ride?

Or would you prefer that the club music takes a hike?

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