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Unpretentious App: Mitsubishi Drives Down Your Most Pretentious Facebook Friends

Obliterating your most pretentious Facebook friends?

Yeah, there's an app for that.

According to Adweek, the new campaign for the unpretentious Mitsubishi Outlander includes an app that analyzes the content from your friends' profiles and determines which one's the most snooty.

It then generates a video that shows the 2013 Outlander mowing down images of that friend's most obnoxious posts, which you can then share with others.

Of course, after that, Facebook "friend" might become an even looser term than ever.

As William Gelner, executive creative director at 180LA (the company behind the app) tells the pub: "For many, social media has become a way to brag or show off. From posting images of expensive meals or wine they've had to exotic vacations they're on, this is an epidemic, and it's running rampant. This is weird, considering the economic climate we're in. Mitsubishi, a car with great design but at a more down-to-earth price, felt compelled to make a statement in-line with their brand ethos."

Which sounds great to marketing types like us.

But be careful. In some peoples' eyes, using terms like "brand ethos" can get you run down these days.

Read all about it, here.

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