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Hold the martini and make it a Coke Zero - shaken, stirred or otherwise.

In a cross-promotion for the upcoming Skyfall, a Coke Zero vending machine sets passengers at a train station in the UK on a mission to become James Bond for the chance to win tickets to the movie.

But don't expect it to be easy, as this YouTube video illustrates.

Truth be told, it's hard to tell just how real this is - one could see how someone could easily get hurt in all this commotion.They may very well be actors.

But hey, we are talking about tickets to what is rumored to be an outstanding new edition to the Bond cannon. I'd take the challenge anytime.

Get the full scoop, here.


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Awesome promotional strategy. Its fun and entertaining for the passersby.

Very cool. While this video seems clearly staged for publicity use, the promotional idea is nonetheless very fun, engaging, very in line with the movie story line and impactful.

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