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Too many jokes, not enough time.

A hotel chain called ibis is outfitting guests in a handful of European hotels with specially outfitted beds that monitor body movements as you sleep, and enable a remotely stationed robot to turn your movement into "works of art' - acrylic paintings, to be exact.

Call it, as Adweek suggests, a Mechanized Monet, a Robot Rembrandt or even a Cyborg Cezanne. By whatever name, the YouTube video may suggest something else the robot can paint - and it doesn't have anything to do with sleeping.

With hotel service like it is these days, most guests will probably pass on the Digital Degas.

(Faster room service and maybe some extra pillows would be nice, though.)

But what's your take? Is this an artistic upsell? Or a snoozefest?

Read more, here.

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