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Call it a crowdsourced cliffhanger.

This Saturday, October 6, Mercedes UK will launch 'You Drive," an interactive TV campaign that invites viewers to direct the action via Twitter (see the YouTube video trailer above).

The basic premise - music-star-cum-professional driver is trying to get a super secret concert - and must evade authorities and others who want to stop him from getting there. His car of choice: The new Mercedes A-Class sedan.

The three-part story, crafted by AMV BBDO and director Yann Demange, will be shown during commercial breaks in Saturday's ''X Factor,' and will culminate in a single, 90-second spot comprised of all three parts during Sunday's broadcast. And a special YouTube channel will enable users to view the ads and create their own story.

Think branded entertainment like BMW's 'The Hire" and movies like "The Transporter" movies, with a social twist - where viewers tweet their votes on possible outcomes. 

In all, the campaign seems to follow what I describe in my book THE ON-DEMAND BRAND as "Accentuating the POS-itive," ie, making the campaign Personalizable, Ownable & Sharable.

In this case, it could very well drive quite a few viewers to distraction.

But what's your view: Is this great way to put the A-Class in the fast lane? Or a short cut to the off-ramp?

Read more, here.

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Hi you!

I vaguely remember that one; seems like a fun idea.

And yes, I agree on the targeting/audience in this new Mercedes initiative. It will be interesting see participation rates!

Cheers - and thanks for sharing!

Reminds me of the interactive horror movie from 13th Street that came out 2 years ago. One of the audience members receives a call in the theatre and they determine what happens from there.

I personally like the idea. Whenever you can engage your audience you're likely to have a bigger impact. The only question is if Mercedes target audience is on Twitter.

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