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School-age boys the world over might think an age-old dream has come true: a mobile app - from Wonderbra, no less - that gives you x-ray vision.

In this new integrated campaign, based in the UK and France, users who download a special app can scan print advertising and even YouTube videos to see through women's clothes to get a better at their Wonderbras.

As Adverblog explains, it's really image recognition in special symbols in the print and online advertisements that trigger the illusion.

But obvious appeal aside, will people really go to all this trouble to see the kind of images that are available virtually everywhere? And why force the reader to take an extra step?

Still, just for positioning the brand as leading edge, I think the initiative has some merit - especially in terms of competition with Victoria's Secret, which is known for its digital prowess.

But what's your view? Is this x-raygeously cool? Or peak-a-boo on that?

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