Rick Mathieson Talks Super Bowl, 2014 Digital Marketing Trends on Blasingame Show/Forbes Radio (Pt 2)
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Rick Mathieson Talks 2014 Mobile Trends on Blasingame Show/Forbes Radio (Pt 3)

2014 marketing trends jpegIn the third and final segment from my guest appearance on the Jim Blasingame Show the other day, we talk my recent collaboration with Luke Sullivan, author of Hey Whipple, Squeeze This  - and a host of other authors - on an exciting new book project.

And we'll get into how mobile marketing is quickly moving from the province of big brands to small companies - beginning with responsive/mobile-first design.

As readers know, I'm usually more involved with larger brands. And Jim - long time radio host and author of the new book The Age of the Customer: Prepare for The Moment of Relevance - likes to have me on from time to time to talk about what's happening in digital marketing overall, and what SMBs can learn from their big brand brethren.

(You can hear part one of the interview here, and part two here.)

By the way, when we talk about responsive design, we aren't just talking about your website. As you'll hear, we're talking your email blasts, too.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO: Rick Mathieson Talks 2014 Digital Marketing Trends on Blasingame Show/Forbes Radio (Pt 3)

(Approx 4:30)


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