Weirdest. Commercial. Ever.
Enter: The Oreo 3D Vending Machine & the Bacon Alarm Clock (Video)

Subway Ad Poster Makes Train Arrivals A Hair-raising Experience (Video)


It's not every day a haircare ad blows you away.

This digital signage from Apotek in Sweden senses incoming trains at this Stockholm subway station, and makes the poster model's hair react with dramatic flourish.

Ad Age reports that agency Akestam Holst and production company Stopp outfitted a Clear Channel 'Play' screen with ultra sonic sensors set to recognize a train's arrival, but not react to passersby.

As each train came in, it sent the model's hair flying - much to everyone's delight. (Kind of makes you wonder what you could do in Chicago or San Francisco.)

So ask yourself: How can digital outdoor like this give a lift to your brand?


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