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'First Sniff': A Parody of 'First Kiss.' With Dogs. (Video)


"First Kiss" has gone from smooch to pooch.

On the heels of word that the video - in which 20 complete strangers are asked to kiss on camera - had gone supernova and hit 11 million views in a matter of hours (it stands at almost 50 million views at last check), the next phase of viral hype cycle began.


First came word that it was really an ad for an up-and-coming fashion brand. Then came the parodies. Jimmy Fallon did his own, with puppies and kittens, called "First Lick."


And then there's "First Sniff" (top), which takes it to a whole new level.

But some extensions have been more heartfelt: Gen Wow Twitter follower Frederick de Wachter in Belgium sent me this video from a television program called Volt, where his team went out and asked TRUE strangers to kiss on camera. It's hard not to be pulled right in.


But what's your view?

Is "First Kiss" the most overhyped (and most ripe for parody) online video sensation ever? Or is it truly as sweet as it aims to be? (And would you participate if asked to kiss a stranger?)

And which is better? The spoofs and spinoffs, or the real thing?

Pucker up and give us your input - or go ahead and give us the kiss off.

But please, just don't videotape it.



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Thanks, Frederick - the post has been updated! Thanks for the share!

Hey Rick, thx for the mention. It's actually not me but a Belgian television program called Volt that made the real video. I kind of respect the parodies more than the original, because they are original ;)

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