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It's not every day you use the words "breakthrough" and "billiards" in the same sentence.

But clearly, this next-generation pool table โ€“ which made its premiere this week at SXSW - promises to bring a whole new level of liveliness to bar-side bets and friendly wagers everywhere.

The breakthrough part, however, doesn't stem from this game, which uses Kinect and projection technology to enhance game play.

It comes when you realize that nothing shown in this YouTube video couldn't soon also be writ large - from arena paintball to the Super Bowl-size excitement.

Imagine fields or even city blocks transformed into holodecks, for all manner of games and adventures where you carve your way through chaos to achieve your objective. And where someday, wearable, haptic sensors mean you don't just thrill to each laser blast, you feel it, and where objects don't just respond to your movement, you respond to theirs.

In this scenario, you don't watch a movie or play a game - you live it.

Early days, yes.

But you don't need a magic eight ball to envision the excitement to come.

Read a release on OpenPool - and the technology (and Kickstarter campaign) behind it, here.


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