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Maybe it says something that I leveraged a tagline from a 30-year-old TV campaign in referencing GE.

Still (maybe the last) bastion of what passes for mass media these days, TV remains supreme. But i may no longer possess the power to embed a tagline deep within the Limbic system the way it did during GE's "Bring Good Things to Life" era.

Nonetheless,  GE, which has sported another tagline - "Imagination at Work" - for many years now, is finding digital fertile territory on which to tell a broader story about what it offers the world, offering opportunities TV never could.

Which is saying something. GE isn't exactly a consumer brand, after all. Beyond light bulbs and appliances, it is the driver behind next generation technologies for everything from jet engines to healthcare. And yet GE is scoring in social and mobile, with 4 million monthly followers across platforms ranging from YouTube to Instagram, and from Snapchat to Yo.

And as ADWEEK reports, it's now using another digital medium - virtual reality, or "VR" - to enable folks to take a deep dive into its technology for undersea oil exploration.

Visitors to its research center in Rio de Janeiro can strap on Oculus Rift headset and sit in a sensory-enabled chair and enjoy a simulated underwater experience.

"One of the challenges that we have is that we operate in locations and environments that not many people get to go to," Katrina Craigwell, GE's global manager of digital marketing, said in a keynote address at a  recent mobile marketing event, as cited by the pub. "With things like the visual content on Instagram, video and now virtual reality, we have been able to take people to these environments and bring them into the world of GE."

Neat for visitors. Neater still when these kinds of experiences become broader social experiences for folks far from her brands Rio research hub, through the power of tomorrow's technologies.

Some of them, perhaps, created using GE's own innovation. 

Read more here.



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