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Potty-Mouthed Grandma has Choice Words on Saving Water in New Poo-Pourri Video


If you thought Poo-Pourri's first video was outrageous, just wait til' you see what Grandma has to say about it all. 

In the latest from Suzy Batiz and her Addison, TX-based "spray-before-you-go" bathroom spray demonstrates once again how to market sensitive products by being as up-front and flagrant about it as you can about it.

Clearly, this isn't for every audience.

But Batiz (full disclosure: a past client) knows how to reach the hipper, hard-to-reach 18-35 audience she's after to round out her base of fun-loving women 38 to 64. This new video may even be a, er, slam dunk with all her constituents.

Either way: Who knew bleeping out an everyday word like "flush" could be so fun?


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