Rick Mathieson on Blasingame Show/Forbes Radio (Pt 2): The Rise of Prankvertising
'Like A Girl' Returns 'Unstoppable' (Video)

Rick Mathieson on Blasingame Show/Forbes Radio (Concl): Newsjacking


From "prankvertising" to "newsjacking."

In the conclusion of my recent appearance on the Jim Blasingame Show/Forbes Radio, we get into newsjacking, which is more popularly known as real-time marketing. 

If you're not familiar with the term, think Oreo's much ballyhooed Super Bowl moment, Arby's Grammy hit, and NASA's gravitational pull, among many others.

In truth, I would characterize this all as "real-time social media marketing," as real-time marketing has evolved to become more associated with real-time, personalized marketing-to-sales conversion on websites. Think personalized offers displayed to the right person at the right time as part of a retail website experience.

That's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about marketing efforts to break through the clutter with highly-relevant social media marketing (and advertising) tied to real-time events in hopes of generating brand moments that get shared and gain widespread attention. The video above is a great summary of some of the most positive elements of Oreo's initiatives.

Of course, there are some who are more than skeptical over the ROI of such efforts—witness this recent piece from Content Strategist. And yes, given the infrastructure some brands deploy for it, real-time marketing may not make a lot of sense.

But for smaller brands, it may be a different story.

While I normally work within the world of larger brands, the Jim Blasingame show has me on from time to time to translate trends in world into possible opportunities for his audience, which is primarily SMBs.

In the conclusion of this recent interview, we'll talk about how for local businesses, newsjacking could make for a low-cost, low-bandwidth proposition that lets these companies demonstrate they are active members of their communities and dialed into the things that matter to their customers.

And they can do it in a way that larger brands will never be able to emulate.



(4-mins, 30-sec)


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