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Call it The Internet of Stinks: The new NIVEA NOSE app will tell you what those around you may desperately want to, but won't.

Just put your phone in the NIVEA NOSE protective case, stick your mobile phone in your armpit, and the app uses an algorithm to determine if your fresh—or fetid.

How? According to Creativity, it first benchmarks your normal smell, and then watches for deviations from that level.

Personally, I'm thinking a.) what if your "normal" smell is ferociously bad; b.) if you have to ask, the answer's probably yes, you stink, and c.) if you've got time to rub your phone in your pits, why not just rub on some NIVEA deodorant, instead?

Then again, maybe that's the point.

A nice branded effort either way.

Learn more here.


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