Author Rick Mathieson on Jim Blasingame Show: Email Marketing Secrets (Pt 2)
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Author Rick Mathieson on Blasingame Show: Email Marketing Secrets (Concl)

Email_marketing_image1I recently read a joke somewhere that when it comes to email marketing, you want to be a puppy dog in a room full of llamas. Because hey, everyone loves puppies and who wants to get spit at by a llama?

In the conclusion of my recent conversation on the Jim Blasingame Show, we talk about striving for relevance and relationship-nurturing in your email marketing.

We also discuss the importance of sending content your customer is interested in, instead of always and exclusively pushing for a saleβ€”or what Jim calls "contribute first, contact second."

Along the way, we have a few laughs about one my current favorite email marketers, weekend clothing brand Chubbies.


(Approx. 4 min 37 sec)

Plus: Be sure to catch Part One and Part Two, here and here.






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