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Star Trek Beyond: Wrap-Around, Multi-Screen Edition (Video)


If you were excited about 'Star Trek Beyond,' before, you're going to got into hyper drive over this new trailer for the wrap-around, multi-screen edition.

This new format is called "Barco Escape," and it could soon join 3D & IMAX at a multiplex near you.

We know we're ready to go beyond just one screen. You ready to hop aboard, too?

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3D Immersive Projection Mapping Art Installation #MetMIRAGE (Video)


We're digging #MetMIRAGE, a 360-degree immersive 3D projection mapping experience at Metropolis at Metrotown in Vancouver. It's the latest work from Adrian Scott and the team at Go2 Productions, which we've used for a couple of award-winning 3D projection experiences.

Scott tells me his team developed an entirely new system for MetMIRAGE that automates much of the installation, and allows for live monitoring just in case there's a need to troubleshoot anything. A camera also captures images of people at certain points in the experience, and an iPad at the end enables them to upload the photo to their social platforms.

Check it out if you happen to be in Vancouver before the end of August. In the meantime, get the inside scoop on the LoopNet, Seagate and other cool 3D projection experiences below:

Southwest Airlines Launch & Genie Telehandler Launch

Highlights Reel from Go2 Productions

LoopNet Launch

Seagate Brand Relaunch at CES

How could your brand be using 3D projection mapping?



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Pretty Fly for a Telco: Drones & Jet Packs Soar at This Vonage Biz Tech Takeover (Video)


It's all part of Vonage's "It's About Time" ad campaign, and it involves taking over a business park in Atlanta to help drive home how the telco bridges the gap between some of today's most amazing technological advancements and workplace tech, which is lagging behind.

How is the brand doing this? By providing "modern, adaptive and intuitive communications solutions" that help businesses work better.

You can judge the effectiveness of the stunt for yourself. We just think some of the tech shown here is cool. 

Watch a behind-the-scenes video on the takeover here.