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🍿 Gen Wow Review: 'Terminator Dark Fate'

It's our spoilerific review of Terminator: Dark Fate (trailer below)β€”complete with Sarah Conner, the Rev-9, and a Terminator T-800 named Carl. Plus Loaded Questions: The Terminator Edition. Warning: SPOILERS, SPOILERS, and more SPOILERS.



πŸ€– The latest Terminator: Dead on arrival? Or underrated awesomeness? (at 1 min, 15-seconds)

🎬 The plot quickens: Sixth in the series? Or third? (at 3:12)

✏ Erasure: The John Conner Controversy (at 5:04)

😎 I'll be (call)back (at 5:54)

⁉️ No, seriously: How did Sarah know to save Dani and Grace on the bridge? (6:35)

πŸ’‰ Sarah and her sodium something-something (at 8:17)

😭 Carl's conscientiousness and bad SFX (at 9:34)

✈️ The mystery military man and his EMPs (at 10:34)

πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ The politics of Dani (at 11:28)

πŸ“– Let's get Biblical: Rev(elations) 9 and beyond (at 11:50)

πŸ€™πŸΌ Call me maybe: 1-888-WTF (at 12:49)

βœ… Final grades (13:29)

πŸ‘½ James Cameron plays musical chairs (at 14:56)

πŸ₯€ "Too nice": You won't believe who almost got Arnold's role (at 16:06)

🀘🏻 "Shock to the System": You won't believe who almost played the T-1000 (at 16:38)

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