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🍿 Gen Wow Review: 'Star Wars Ep IV: The Rise of Skywalker'

We need to talk about that final battle with Palpatine, his regenerative powers, his ever-changing strategy, that whole Force Dyad deal between Rey and Kylo Ren, what Finn wanted to tell Rey, where the Babu Frik is the Baby Yoda merch, and a whole lot more. It's our super-sized, spoilerrific review of the final chapter of "The Skywalker Saga." 


⚔️ Gen X-wing fighters: A nostalgic, 42-year history of The Force (at 1 min., 38 sec.)

🚀 From dystopia to the Death Star and heroic derring-do (at 4:02)

👽 Episode IV: An unsure thing—and an unmade, low-budget sequel (at 5:09)

👾 Where's the Baby Yoda and Babu Frik merch? (at 7:04)

💵 Box Office Bonanza? Or total bummer? (at 7:21)

🎥 The Fandom Menace: Was making "Skywalker" a mission impossible? (at 8:16)

💥 The plot quickens—is it the ultimate Chiasmus gift? (at 10:17)

🎬 Bond, Psychic Bond (at 13:39)

✌🏻 Rey of light—how she beat Palpatine (at 14:32)

♛  Master chess? Or random changes? (at 17:22)

🔌 What's with all these new Force powers? (at 19:36)

🎁  The ultimate Chiasmus gifts (at 21:30)

🍹  Sexuality and "Force sensitivity"  (at 22:50)

🙏🏻  Piece de resistance: Keeping the faith  (at 25:31)

💣  The empire's single point of failure (at 26:50)

👍🏻👎🏻 Final grades (27:50)

🎄 Party of 5? Or 4? (at 31:00)

📺  "Skywalker's" stars, as seen on TV (at 31:42)

🤖  How well do you know your droids? (at 32:30)

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