🔑 3 Keys to Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World
🎁Interview–GiftSuite CEO Sangita Verma: Gifting in the New Normal

✊🏻 McThankYou Meals, Nationwide's Voices & More

A look at HBO Max, because there just aren't enough subscription video streaming services out there. Plus: McDonald's gets McThankful, and Nationwide is hearing "Voices," as the Ricks are back with some all-new Loaded Questions. From May 18. 


📺 Another week, another new subscription video streaming service (at :30 seconds)

🍔 McDonald's has a message for healthcare workers and first responders (at 1:52)

⏯ Nationwide Insurance lets you give some advice to your future self (at 2:54)

Approximately 5 minutes. For US audiences.

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