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🎁Interview–GiftSuite CEO Sangita Verma: Gifting in the New Normal

HEADSHOT_Sangita Verma_GiftSuite_CEOIn a recent interview, GiftSuite CEO Sangita Verma shares how she's redefining the gift-giving experience in the time of COVID-19.

GiftSuite's unique brand of thoughtfully-curated, tech-forward curios includes a water bottle with a UV-C LED bottle cap that sanitizes your water and can do the same for your keyboard and mobile phone at the wave of your hand.

It's a timely and insightful conversation with a serial entrepreneur who has made a name for herself by spotting hidden opportunities and capitalizing on them. From June 16.


🦠 Plan C: 3 top tips to marketers in a post-pandemic world (at 1 min, 45 sec)

⏱ Crisis marketing: Working at the speed of the news cycle  (at 4:43)

💡 The idea behind GiftSuite and  its Life 2020 collection (at 5:57)

💦     The germicidal bottle cap you didn't know you needed (at 8:04)

☮️     Finding the off-switch: The little device for calming your Vagus nerve (at 9:10)

🕴 You're never too young to launch a startup (at 10:36)

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