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🎬 10 Box Office Bombs Now Considered Cult Classics

🎬"Starship Troopers." "Tron." "The Children of Men." "The Iron Giant." In this Rick & Quick episode, the Ricks debate Collider's list of 10 box office bombs that are now considered cult classics.

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🐜"Starship Troopers:" B movie, A for attitude (at :39-seconds)

πŸ•Ή"Tron" revolutionizes CGI, one frame at a time (at 1-min, 19-sec)

πŸ‘ΆπŸ½"Children of Men:" Birth of a classic (at 2:53)

πŸ‘Ύ"The Thing"β€”John Carpenter's monstrous masterpiece (at 3:34)

πŸ€–"The Iron Giant" is iconic, "Event Horizon" not so much (at 4:29)

🀠"The Quick and the Dead"β€”Raimi redefines yet another genre (at 5:08)

Approx. 6-min, 45-sec. For US audiences.

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