🔆 Don't Go Dark—John Sculley's Advice to Marketers in Perilous Times
𐃏 The Bronco is Back, ComicCon@Home, BK Augments Your Sesame Seed Buns & More

👁👄👁 How 'It Is What It Is' Took Silicon Valley by Storm, Dos Equis' Social Distancing Cooler

Dos Equis toasts its new six-foot-long social distancing cooler. The secrets of latent semantic indexing. The secret "Princess Pride" remake. And WTAF is "It Is What It Is"? The Ricks have answers—plus some Loaded Questions of their own. From July 5.

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🇺🇸Fourth of July memories (at 1-min, 4-sec)

👸🏽Something to Quibi about: Celebrities stage their own "Prince Bride" fan film (at 2:32)

📱MIT Tech Review: What grown-ups don't get about teens, tech, and social media (at 4:19)

📺Mental Floss unearths cringeworthy commercials from the '80s and '90s (at 6:45)

😎Dos Equis has a new seis-foot ice cooler for a summer of social distancing (at 9:30)

🤖'b' role: The new sci-fi thriller starting an actual AI robot in the leading role (at 11:09)

🗂What you need to know about Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) (at 12:36)

👁👄👁"It Is What It Is" wasn't what you thought it was (at 14:00)

Approximately 16-minutes, 13-seconds. For US audiences.
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