😎Oculus Leaks, Coca-Cola Goes Zero Touch, Batman Goes 'Black Mirror,' Mac & Cheese Goes Breakfast
📉 Harvard Business Review Quantifies Why You Shouldn't Cut Spend & 'The Boys' Season 2 Curve Ball

🍿Marvel's 'New Mutants' Hits Theaters (Really), the Trailer for 'The Batman,' and Batfleck Returns

🎥 In Part One of our latest episode, Marvel's "New Mutants" finally hit the big screen–at a bad moment. And the Ricks review the teaser trailer for Matt Reeve's "The Batman" - with a twist from 'The Breakfast Club.' From Aug 30.


🔮 Was Nostradamas 8 years off? (at :57 seconds)

🌍 The Ricks thank their listeners (at 2:03)

🎬 Marvel's "New Mutants" hits movie theaters … in the middle of a pandemic (at 3:28)

🦇 The Ricks discuss the teaser trailer for Matt Reeve's "The Batman" (at 7:13)

🍳 Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne could be a twin to this Breakfast Club character (at 8:04)

💥 Batfleck Returns: Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton to Play Batman–together (at 9:49)

Approximately 10-minutes, 52-seconds. For US audiences.

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