🎬 10 Box Office Bombs Now Considered Cult Classics
🍿Marvel's 'New Mutants' Hits Theaters (Really), the Trailer for 'The Batman,' and Batfleck Returns

😎Oculus Leaks, Coca-Cola Goes Zero Touch, Batman Goes 'Black Mirror,' Mac & Cheese Goes Breakfast

Our Roundup on all those rumors about Oculus Quest 2. Coca-Cola's Freestyle Fountains gets a mobile, zero-touch makeover. Batman goes all "Black Mirror" on us in his first interactive animated movie. Plus "Loaded Questions" and a whole lot more. From August 14. 


👍🏻The latest on Rick W's phantom finger tips (at 1:00)

🥽Oculus 2 Leaks: The rumors sound (virtually) amazing (at 1:50)

🦸🏻‍♂️Robin Dies at Dawn? New interactive Batman movie lets you decide (at 4:00)

🥤Rick M's favorite Coke Zero fix is going "zero touch" via mobile web app (at 6:14)

🍺A mustard-flavored beer you can guzzle … with relish (at 9:24)

🇺🇸Does Non-Essential Worker Barbie have a future in politics? (at 11:00)

🍲Kraft Mac & Cheese: Now part of a balanced breakfast? (at 12:23)

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