🚘Top 5 Car Brands by Generation, 'Tenet' Hits Theaters & What Do Shoppers Really Think About Masks?
🏁 The 'Fast & Furious' Franchise is Racing Toward ... Outer Space?

🤓VR Takes You to 'Lovecraft Country,' 'The Batman' Trailer's Uncanny Similarity to 'Se7en' & More

In this episode: "The Matrix 4" and its transgender allegory is on its way—without Agent Smith or Morpheus. HBO's experiential promotion for "Lovecraft Country." Is "The Batman" a trailer thief? Netflix has a 'Three Body Problem.' Plus Loaded Questions and a whole lot more. From September 13.


🛹 Rick W. gets his new Tony Hawk game, complete with limited edition skateboard (at 1 min, 6 sec)

✈️ Rick M. wasn't the guy flying a jetpack past commercial airliners on approach to LAX … at least not this time (at 2:46)

3️⃣ Netflix's "Three Body Problem" may be a good one to have (at 3:26)

🕵️‍♂️ "The Matrix 4" is on its way–without Agent Smith or Morpheus (at 4:52)

💥 "The Animatrix," revisited–why it was better than Matrix 2 and 3 (at 6:46)

👩🏻‍🦰 Did you know "The Matrix" series is an allegory about transgenderism? Neither did we (at 7:34)

🦇=❼? "Holy Double Vision, Batman!" If the trailer to "The Batman" looks familiar to you, this may be why (at 10:43)

👓 HBO takes its experiential marketing prowess to virtual reality to promote "Lovecraft Country" (at 12:04)

🐷 Did Elon Musk's Neuralink presser pull a Cybertruck? (at 14:47)

🤕 Just how much damage has the pandemic done to media spend in 2020? (at 15:42)

🍿 It's official: Summer 2020's box office champion is … (at 16:26)

Approximately 18-minutes, 15-seconds. For US audiences.

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