📺 Netflix's Approach to Experiential Marketing in the Covid Era
🚙 Electric Cars—Not So Neutral After All?

🍿Top 15 Movies of 2010s; Wonder Woman 3

This holiday season, Pizza Hut goes heavy on comfort and joy. Is "Get Out" or "The Babadook" the best movie of the 2010s? The world's waiting for you, "Wonder Woman." Plus: Debating Tesla's decision to dump its PR department.

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😷A Zoom Thanksgiving (at 55 sec)

🍿"WW84" to hit HBOMax—with "Amazons" spinoff & "Wonder Woman 3" in works (at 2 min, 25 sec)

🎬The Ricks review Mashable's list of Top 15 movies of the 2010s (at 4:43)

🛒Shop 'til you drop? Black Friday sales see major online spike (at 9:03)

📺 Real deal? Act now to get half off Samsung's $100,000 TV set (at 10:54)

🍕 Pizza Hut and Gravity Blanket Go Heavy on the Comfort & Joy (at 12:12)

🥤Coca-Cola dumps half of its beverage brands (at 12:41)

📣Tesla ditches corporate PR—and the Ricks discuss the pros and cons (at 15:17)

Approximately 22-minutes, 10-seconds.

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