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🏈 Hut, Hut, Hike: Scoring the 2021 Super Bowl Commercials

Rick Mathieson and Rick Wootten review the 2021 Super Bowl commercials and pick the touchdowns, fumbles, and serious WTFs. 


⏳Season 4…already?! (at 1 min)

⚽️What's in a name—is Football the best name for the US version of the game? (at 1:33)

💰The price running a Super Bowl spot…just the price of the average home in California?
(at 2:21)

🏆Is this the story of a man named Brady? (at 3:44)

👺…Or are we talking about a deal with the Devil? (at 4:50)

🍋Move over, Volkswagen … there's a new famous "lemon" in advertising (at 5:10)

⚡️ Will Ferrell, Keenen Thompson and Awkwafina put Norway on notice for GM (at: 6:06)

📺 Blue chip brands that sit this one out—and Alexa, who doesn't (at 7:16)

🏹 Challenger brands compete to be this year's Quibi … or is it the Robinhood of Robinhoods? (at 9:21)

🏆 (at 11:53) Toyota goes uplifting with "Upstream" (at 11:06)

🕺🏻 Scott's Miracle Gro busts a move with John Travolta … and the winner is TikTok (at 12:10)

🎶 Cheetos have Mila and Ashton Kutcher, er, butcher Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me" (13:05)

🎭 Yup, it's a Tide commercial … and Jason Alexander pays dearly at the hands of Rick W. (at 14:25)

🥂 And the winners are ….(at 15:20)

👎🏼 The also-rans are… (at 16:27)

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