⏳ 'Tomorrow War,' The UK Bans Junk Food Ads Before 9 PM—And Were the Ricks Cast in 'Knives Out 2'?
🍿The Ricks Dissect 'The Suicide Squad'

🤖 Top AI-Created Pick-Up Lines, 2021's #1 Fast Food Brand, Cool Jobs of Tomorrow & More

The Ricks play Loaded Questions to test your knowledge of recent developments in the worlds of marketing, media, tech, and pop culture.  From August 6, 2021.

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🍔 Consumers rank their choice of top fast food brands for customer service (at :39 seconds)

🥘 Guy Fieri and the rise of 'ghost restaurants' (at 3:00)

👁‍🗨 I only have AI for you: Top Pick-Up Lines Created by Artificial Intelligence (at 4:50)

🔮 The Wall Street Journal's Latest "Jobs of Tomorrow" (at 7:39)

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