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🍿The Ricks Dissect 'The Suicide Squad'

The Ricks review "The Suicide Squad"—complete with the backstory on Starro the Conqueror, King Shark's surprising love life, the box office buzz, and more. From August 8, 2021.

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🎬 Is it a sequel? A reboot? Or do-over? (at 2-min, 2-sec)

🆇 Enter: Task Force X (at 2:40)

⭐️ Next up: 'Starro: The Snyder Cut'? (at 3:03)

🦸🏻‍♂️ Two-parts 'The Boys,' one part 'Deadpool'? (at 3:30)

🦈 Is King Shark really played by Sly Stallone…or Vin Diesel? (at 4:07)

🦑 Is that your face or a seafood platter? (at 5:10)

💣 If King Shark's Superman-tough, how'd they insert the bomb in his neck? (at 6:20)

👑 Sounds fishy: King Shark's backstory (at 6:53)

💋King Shark's surprising love life (at 7:44)

🗣 For the love of shark-shark: A vocabulary test fit for a King

🧟‍♂️ Is King Shark DC's version of the Hulk? No, but a guy named Grundy may be (at 8:31)

🐀 From Harley to Mon-Gal to Rat Catcher 2: New characters or old?

♥️ Blood Sport: Violence … with a heart (at 10:03)

💪🏼 Rick Flag v. Peacekeeper v. Blood Sport (at 10:38)

🤷🏻‍♂️ But seriously, it IS Blood Sport right? Or is it Deadshot? (at 11:40)

🥊 Props to 'ole Rocky (at 12:48)

🎥 Old BO or (H)BO: Box-office suicide—or a big win for streaming? Or both? (at 13:01)

💰 The Mouse House Bites Black Widow (at 15:16)

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