🎬 Top 3 Movies of 2021 (Concl): A Look at Spider-Man & The Matrix
🙌🏼 2022 Marketing Trends (Pt 2)

🔮 2022 Marketing Trends (Part 1)

It's time for Rick and Rick's annual look at key trends shaping the worlds of marketing, media, tech, and pop culture in the year ahead. In part one: B2B marketing to a hybrid workforce; getting topsy-turvy in the entertainment sector; plus some tongue-in-cheek predictions about a new branded NFT initiative from Lotrimin, Spider-Man's next Big-Apple adventure, and more. From January 30.

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✈️ Rick W. shares his 2022 travel plans and a mission impossible (at 1-min, 19-seconds)

🤞🏻 Rick M. shares one trend he hopes will hold in the NFL (at 2:26)

🏈 Rick W. takes it a step further and predicts the winner of this year's Super Bowl (at 2:54)

🦶🏼 Rick M's prediction about a new NFT initiative from a major athlete's foot brand (at 3:31)

📢 A hybrid workforce world—and what that means to B2B marketing (at 3:56)

🎧 Why audio in general—and podcasts in particular—may prove crucial in 2022 (at 5:42) 🕷 Predicting Spider-Man will do the full Macaulay in the sequel to "No Way Home" (at 7:43)

🍿 A return to the cineplex in 2022 with plenty of blockbusters coming to the rescue? (at 9:30)

🎥 For the love (and thunder) of it—what's the scoop on this year's "Avatar 2?" (at 10:55)

📺 Is turbulence (or at least big changes) ahead for streaming services? (at 11:27) Approx. 14 min, 36 seconds.

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