😎 2022 Marketing Trends (Conclusion)
🖐🏼 Season 5 Premiere—The Boys At SXSW, Social Media & Kids' Privacy & More

🥳 Super-Sized Season 4 Finale

Rick and Rick Season 4 Finale

It's time for an epic round of Loaded Questions as the Ricks celebrate their sensational season 4 finale. From Feb 13.

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❓ Time flies when you're asking Loaded Questions (at 1 min)

🤬 Rick M. tries to make sense of his Season 4 pronunciation problems (at 02:01)

🔮 The Ricks' predictions are predictably bad when it comes to the San Francisco 49ers making it to the Super Bowl (at 03:20)

🤣 Rick M. loses his 💩 in a segment about the new ad campaign from Philips Laxatives (at 4:14)

🍿 Revisiting The Snyder Cut and whether it did justice to the "League" (at 06:12)

🤖 I only AI for you: pick-up lines created by AI...what could go wrong? (at 07:30)

📆 Revisiting our thoughts on the biggest marketing trend of 2021 (at 09:21)

🥤 Just how much we don't miss Pepsi's "The Mess We Miss" campaign (at 10:30) 

👻 Ghosting the future of restaurants, real or otherwise (at 11:27)

🐾 Enter: The Boston Dynamics robot-dog that pees beer into a cup on demand (at 13:04)

📕 Enhancing your vocabulary with new additions to Dictionary.com—including "oof," "yeet," and "zaddy" (at 13:54)

🤗 Quick clips, goofs, and gaffes from Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Rick and Rick Rule the World (at 15:36)


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