🍕 Ghosted Grub—The Food Is Real, The Restaurant Is Not
🍿 Review: Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

😎 Thor Hearts Geico, Oscar Mayer Bacon Goes Scratch & Sniff, Best Times To Post To Social

The Mighty Thor is back—with love, thunder, and Geico Insurance. Oscar Mayer wants you to scratch and sniff the bacon. Plus: Best times to post to social media for global engagement, Loaded Questions and a whole lot more. From July 8.

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⛱ The Ricks relive Laguna Beach memories (at 1 min, 8-seconds)
🍿 Hammer Time: Thor is kicking serious Asgard while locking eyes with Star Lord (at 2:57)
🦎 The Thors Next Door: The space Viking pitches Geico, California Almonds & more (at 6:02)
🥓 Oscar Mayer is out with a scratch & sniff bacon ad complete with grease stains (at 8:00)
🍨 Netflix's "Love & Gelato" has some travel tips for Americans visiting Italy (at 10:25)
🍔 Brands have fun with the British PM's announcement that he'll step down (at 12:08)
🔑 Tesla Model S and Model X will no longer come with a key item (at 13:)
⏰ Best times to post to social media for global engagement (at 15:20)

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