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🎨 Nestlé Milks AI, Disney+ Marvels With AR, Plus: Holiday '22 Ecommerce Projections

🎙 Are the "4 P's of Marketing" due for an upgrade? Compound V from "The Boys" becomes a real-life energy drink. Nestlé uses AI to expand Vermeer's classic painting, "The Milk Maid." Brie Larson aims to marvel us with a cool new AR experience, and more.

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🍿 Wesley Snipes is fangs-up over the new "Blade" movie series (at 1 min, 07 sec)
🦇 Ready for a "Batman 4" starring Christian Bale? DC fans weigh in (at 2:09)
🦸🏻‍♂️ Hugh Jackman returns as Wolverine in "Deadpool 3," and everybody's here for it (at 3:15)
🎨 Nestlé uses AI-generated art to augment Vermeer's "The Milk Maid" (at 5:39)
🏋🏼‍♂️ Super powers on-tap? Compound V from "The Boys" is a new energy drink (at 8:06)
👁"Remembering" AR: Brie Larson is here to marvel us (at 9:12)
🛒 Is it time for the "4 P's of Marketing" to get a fifth "P"? (at 11:58)
🎅🏼 Up, down, or ?: Deloitte predicts Holiday 2022 retail & ecommerce sales (at 14:18)
👟 Just Do It: Nike races into the metaverse and "phygital" commerce (at 16:11)
🤨 Morning Consult: Moviegoers love the metaverse; most consumers have never heard of it (at 18:12)

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