🕶 Meta Quest Pro—First Impressions
🎁 Hottest-But-Hardest-to-Get Tech Gifts For Holiday 2022

🎅🏼 2022's Fastest Growing Brands, Zonkey Hits The Dictionary, Taika Waititi's Big Christmas & More

🎄 Is Tesla hitting full-throttle—or stuck in reverse? In this all-new episode, the Rick's review the hits and misses on Interbrand's new Fastest-Growing Brands list. James Bond enjoys a Belvedere Christmas while Amazon shows us how "Joy is Made"—courtesy of Taika Waititi. "Adulting" and "zonkey" make the Scrabble dictionary. Plus: Cyberquad gets ditched. And Cheetos' cheese dust gets a name—along with a hilarious holiday gift launch. From Dec 4, 2022. 

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⛳️ Rick M. suffers a mishap on the back nine (at 1 min, 30 sec)
🎸 Rick W. parties at the 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (at 3:12)
📖 "Embiggen" & "Zonkey" make the Scrabble Dictionary (at 5:16)
🏆 Interbrand's 2022 Fastest-Growing Brands(at 6:40)
⛄️ Taika Waititi delivers Amazon's "Joy" ...
🍸... and helps James Bond bust a move for Belvedere (at 10:02)
👩🏾‍🔬 What's tripping up marketing in the metaverse?(at 13:25)
🛞 Forget the sh*tshow at Twitter—what happened with Cyberquad? (at 14:45)
🎁 A must-have holiday gift (or not) from one of today's cheesiest brands (at 15:48)

Approx. 18 minute. For US audiences. Review cookie and privacy policies for iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and all other streaming services.