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🕶 Meta Quest Pro—First Impressions

💥 One Rick just got the new Meta Quest Pro. The other Rick has pressing questions. In this Rick and Quick episode, we capture some first impressions of Meta's premium-quality AR/VR headset and the premium price tag that comes with it. With Meta's VR division operating at a loss of more than $9 billion during the first three quarters of the year, could this $1,499 mixed-reality headset help turn things around? From Nov 5, 2022. 

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🤘🏻 Meta's new Quest Pro is here (at :28 seconds)
👾 Pro comes packed with pixels, processors, sensors & cameras galore (at :44)
🌀 Not just VR anymore: The Quest for mixed, augmented and virtual reality (at 1:05)
📦 Pro logistics: Started shipping on Tuesday, arrived on Wednesday (at 1:17 seconds)
👔 It's not just for games, either—Pro is serious business, too (at 1:35)
😵‍💫 But is all this heavy-duty technology light enough for all-day use? (at 2:10)
😎 Immersion tradeoff or trip-up: A view to a thrill—or your feet? (at 3:35)
🤯 Look out, James Cameron: Next-level facial tracking means expressive avatars
🤦🏻‍♂️ An engineering headcase: How (and where) does Pro fit? (at 4:02)
😶 The $1,499 question: Does Meta Quest Pro live up to its price? (at 4:42)

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