🔮 Our 2022 Predictions Scorecard, Pick-Up Lines From ChatGPT, 'The Volume' & More
🤖 2023 Trend Watch (Pt 2)—A Reality Check For ChatGPT & The Maximum Effort Agency Model

🛣️ 2023 Trend Watch (Pt 1)—TikTok Tour De Force, EV Backlash Ahead?

We share some of the key themes and top trends we'll be tracking in 2023—including the potential for new successes on hand for TikTok, LinkedIn and others as ad dollars shift from Meta and Google, a possible backlash for the EV sector, and more. From January 29.

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🤐 A very Wootten wardrobe malfunction (at 1 min, 5 sec)
☔️ California's atmospheric rivers recede—leaving some unexpected car issues (at 02:30)
🕶️ Is this the Year of VR (again)? Trying our hand at reverse predicting (at 05:10)
🍿 Will that old Odd-Year Magic work wonders at the box office? (at 06:15)
📢 With digital ad dollars shifting, is TikTok poised for take-off? (at 08:17)
📺 With FAST and leadership changes, will the streaming wars see casualties? (at 10:59)
🔋 Is a backlash brewing with the rise of the Anti-EV crowd? (at 11:43)

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